Deposit $1,000 for 2000W 4 IN 1 Handheld Laser Welding Cutting Cleaning Machine With Auto Wire Feeder

Handheld aser welding machine is designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry to...
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Laser Power: 2000W
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Deposit $1,000 for 2000W 4 IN 1 Handheld Laser Welding Cutting Cleaning Machine With Auto Wire Feeder

Deposit $1,000 for 2000W 4 IN 1 Handheld Laser Welding Cutting Cleaning Machine With Auto Wire Feeder

$9,999.00 $1,000.00

Deposit $1,000 for 2000W 4 IN 1 Handheld Laser Welding Cutting Cleaning Machine With Auto Wire Feeder

$9,999.00 $1,000.00
Shipping From: USA Warehouse
Laser Power: 2000W

laser welding machine 1500W

Handheld aser welding machine is designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry to different job sites or within a workshop.These machines are user-friendly and require minimal setup compared to traditional welding equipment. This makes them suitable for both professionals and beginners.

Handheld laser welding provides precise control over the welding process, allowing for fine and intricate welds in various materials. Handheld laser welding machines can often perform welding tasks faster than traditional methods, which can lead to increased productivity. Laser welding is generally safer for operators, as it reduces exposure to harmful fumes and radiation.

Advantages of the Handheld Laser Welding Machine

  1. Portability: The mini handheld welding machine is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and operate in various work environments.
  2. High Efficiency: The machine utilizes laser technology, which enables fast and precise welding, 4-10 times faster than traditional welding, leading to increased productivity and reduced welding time.
  3. Cost-effective: By improving welding efficiency and reducing processing time, the mini handheld welding machine helps to lower production costs and optimize resource allocation.It saves about 80%~90% electricity than argon arc welding.
  4. Ease of Use: The machine is designed with user-friendly touch screencontrols and intuitive interfaces, making it easy for operators to learn and operate without extensive training.
  5. Versatility: The mini handheld welding machine is suitable for various materials, including metals and alloys, allowing for a wide range of welding applications in industries such as automotive, electronics, and jewelry.
  6. Flexibility: The machine offers flexibility in terms of welding positions and angles, allowing for welding in tight or difficult-to-reach spaces, improving accessibility and overall welding capabilities.
  7. Precise and Quality Welds: The laser technology used in the machine ensures precise and high-quality welds, resulting in strong and durable joints with minimal distortion or damage to the surrounding material.
  8. Safety Features: Multiple safety guarantees to protect the safety of operators and equipment.

The application of handheld laser welding machine

The mini handheld laser welding machine has a wide range of applications across various industries. Some common applications include:

  1. Automotive Industry: The mini handheld laser welding machine is used for welding car body components, exhaust systems, fuel tanks, and other automotive parts, providing precise and reliable welds.
  2. Electronics Industry: It is used for welding electronic components, such as connectors, circuit boards, sensors, and batteries, ensuring high-quality and durable connections.
  3. Jewelry Making: The mini handheld laser welding machine is used in the jewelry industry for intricate welding tasks, such as repairing jewelry, attaching clasps, and joining delicate components without damaging the surrounding areas.
  4. Medical Device Manufacturing: It is employed in the production of medical devices, such as surgical instruments, implants, and dental tools, enabling precise and controlled welding for critical applications.
  5. Aerospace Industry: The mini handheld laser welding machine is utilized for welding aerospace components, including turbine blades, engine parts, and structural elements, ensuring strong and reliable joints with minimal heat-affected zones.
  6. Metal Fabrication: It finds applications in general metal fabrication processes, such as joining sheet metal, pipes, and tubes, enabling efficient and accurate welding for various structural and decorative purposes.
  7. Tool and Die Making: The mini handheld laser welding machine is used for repairing molds, dies, and tooling, enabling localized welding and minimizing the need for extensive rework or replacement.
  8. Art and Design: It is utilized by artists and designers for creating metal sculptures, customized metal artwork, and decorative metal pieces, providing precise control over welding and minimizing distortion.
  9. Electronics Repair: The mini handheld laser welding machine is used for repairing electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, enabling precise welding on small components and connectors.
  10. Precision Manufacturing: It finds applications in precision manufacturing processes, including micro-welding tasks, such as welding tiny electronic components, sensors, and optical devices.

These are just a few examples of the diverse applications of the mini handheld laser welding machine. Its versatility, precision, and ease of use make it a valuable tool in various industries that require efficient and high-quality welding.


triumphlaser 4 in 1 laser welding machine samples

Traditional Welding VS Laser Welding

Traditional Welding VS Laser Welding




Triumph laser welding machine

Labor cost

Difficult to recruit and high salary.

Simple operation and low labor cost.


Frequent occupational diseases and serious physical injuries.

Less radiation, only need protective glasses to filter strong light.


Slow speed, low efficiency.

4-10 times faster than traditional welding

Hot zone




Easy to deform

Not easy to deform


The weld is thick and irregular, and needs polishing

Fine and beautiful welds, high welding strength


There is air hole and it is easy to weld through.

Welding is uniform and consistent.


Limited by consumables

Wide application range


Professional welders are required.

30 minutes of learning can be mastered skillfully.

System Simplicity Intelligent Machining

The new hand-held laser welding machine adopts industrial LED touch screen and intelligent operating system, which supports simple operation mode, easy to learn and easy to operate. Basic training can be learned in 30 minutes, effectively reducing labor costs.

With matching process parameters, users can quickly select welding parameters according to different materials and thicknesses, and novices can also weld high-quality and consistent welds.

Handheld Laser Welding Head

A handheld laser welding head is a compact and portable device used for precision welding applications. These devices are designed for ease of use and maneuverability in various welding scenarios.

Small Size: Handheld laser welding heads are known for their small and lightweight design, making them easy to handle and suitable for welding in tight spaces or for intricate welding tasks.

Applications: Handheld laser welding heads find applications in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and jewelry making, where precision welding is crucial.

Versatility: Handheld laser welding heads can be versatile, even offering multiple functions, like welding, cleaning, cutting, and seam cleaning

Personnel entering the welding area must wear all personal protective equipment, including heat-resistant and flame-retardant gloves, hats, clothing and accessories, to ensure that the working area is free of flammable and explosive substances.

Welding copper nozzle

triumphlaser laser welding machine nozzles

Technical Parameters

Laser wavelength


Working mode

Continuous &pulse

Output power/rated power


Input voltage


Swing width


Swing frequency


Welding gun interface


Size (mm)


Net weight /Gross weight



Packing List



Established in 2003, Triumph Industrial is dedicated to contributing to society and pursuing excellence. Our goal is to create a remarkable success story in Shenzhen, a city known for its emphasis on scientific and technological innovation.

Initially, Triumph Industrial focused on exporting advertising equipment, including engraving machines and printers. However, we soon shifted our focus to research, development, and production of laser equipment. Our product line started with carbon dioxide laser cutting machines and quickly gained popularity among customers both domestically and internationally. With the rapid advancement of laser technology in China, the application of laser equipment has become increasingly widespread, resulting in a significant expansion of the laser equipment market. In response to this growing demand, Triumphlaser began developing and manufacturing laser marking machines, fiber laser cutting machines, welding machines, and other related equipment. Our products find applications across various industries such as electronics, communications, machinery, advertising, textile, automobile, jewelry, and material processing. As a result of our commitment to innovation, we have obtained dozens of patents and have been recognized by the state as a National High-tech Enterprise. Our company’s development is flourishing, and we are proud to serve tens of thousands of customers worldwide. Their satisfaction and praise are a testament to our dedication. However, we acknowledge that our journey is far from over. We firmly believe that through continuous innovation and hard work, we can build a brighter future.

You don’t have to worry about finding us even after many years. In the field of laser machine, triumph continues to develop. This is a very important point for you because it gives you a sense of security.

Up to now Triumpglaser is serving more than 1000 customers in USA. Quality and service are always our motto.

Join us on this journey of growth, and together, let us reap the rewards of modern technology.

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